Facilities Management

Repairs or Services

All non-emergency facilities repair and service requests go through Maintenance Direct. Please do not call in requests unless it is an emergency.

To use the system: 

  1. Go to the Maintenance Direct Michigan Tech Portal (it will display as myschoolbuilding.com)
  2. Enter your ISO username and password
  3. On the Work Request page:
    1. Select your building, floor, and room number
    2. Pick a category
    3. Describe the work being requested
    4. Include an account number for billing if the work is billable (learn more about what's billable below)
    5. Select a purpose
    6. Provide a requested completion date
    7. Attach a file is desired
    8. Double-check your request. You can't modify a request if it's been submitted.
    9. Submit
    10. Log in and check the 'My Requests' tab to get status updates

Billable vs Non-billable Projects

In general, services that comprise routine maintenance on the infrastructure of the building and care of grounds are not billed. Learn more about what's covered by Facilities Management and what costs departments are responsible for. If your request is billable, you must include an account number in your description.