Donation Bin Information

If your student organization or department is collecting donations, Facilities Management must be notified of any donation bins being placed on campus. Bins may only be placed in these approved locations:

Administration and Student Services Building - North elevator lobby between the couch and water cooler.
Academic Office Building - Near the main entrance lobby area and also on the ground floor in the open computer lab.
Chemical Sciences and Engineering Building - Near the main front entrance, as well as the side entrance on the west side facing the EERC.
Dow Enviromental Sciences and Engineering Building - Near the main front entrance.
Electrical Energy Resource Center (EERC) - Near the main front entrance, as well as the side entrance (west side) near the vending machines.
Fisher Hall - Main lobby under the bulletin board locationed on the east wall across from Aftermath Cafe.
Grover C. Dillman Hall - Near the main front entrance.
RL Smith Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics Building - Near the main front entrance as well as the back hall between the east and west entrances (behind the fish bowl).
Minerals and Materials Engineering Building - Lobby area
Rekhi Hall - Lobby area
Walker Arts and Humanities Center - Lobby area

Only one bin is allowed per building at a time. Bins are allowed on a first "notify" first serve basis, so please submit your information to us early.

Student organizations or departments are responsible for:
-Notifying Facilities Management of bin placement at least 2 days prior to placing the bin
-Periodically emptying the bins
-Removing any donated items left outside of the bins
-Removal of the bin on the date reported

Facilities Management will monitor the bins and notify the student organization or department contact if:
-There is already a bin placed in the location you have requested during the same time period
-Bins are full
-Bins are located outside of the approved area
-Donation items have been left outside of the bin
-It is past the date that bin should have been removed

To notify us of a donation bin being place in an approved area, please complete the notification form.