Snow Removal

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An average snowfall of 200+ inches keeps grounds staff on the go. Preparation includes stowing outdoor furniture and bike racks, draining sprinkler systems and marking steam tunnel vent stacks and fire hydrants before the snow piles up.

Some staff say there's a fifth season at Michigan Tech: Spring, summer, fall, winter—and sand. Buckets are stationed at each building and sand/rock salt mixtures are stocked ahead of time to be spread as needed to keep campus safe. 

Snow Removal Requests

Most areas that require snow removal are on our radar. But if you have a special situation, like an event or activity, or a concern about a particular area, please let us know.

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Snow Jobs

The grounds staff often begins the day before 7 a.m. to remove snow from more than five miles of campus roads, more than seven miles of walks, and 35 acres of parking lots. But there's more. Other snow duties include:

  • Hauling snow off campus
  • Stockpiling—and removing snow—for Winter Carnival activities
  • Clearing athletic fields for spring sports