Maintenance Services

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Mechanics. Custodians. Trades staff. Facilities works diligently to take care of Michigan Tech's academic buildings and housing facilities.

Building Mechanics

Contact our facilities managers with custodial and maintenance requests. They work with building mechanics staffthe people who take care of our campus buildings—they are also liaisons for other facilities management units.

Electrical, mechanical, and plumbing systems to minor window, door, and lock repairs—each Michigan Tech building on and off campus has a building mechanic who takes care of routine daily maintenance. Mechanics also help custodians with things like snow removal from outside steps and entries.


Our custodial staff keeps campus buildings clean:

  • Restrooms cleaned daily
  • Classrooms and teaching laboratories—sweep, clean boards, empty trash—daily
  • Offices—sweep or vacuum every other day, empty trash daily
  • Stairways—cleaned on a regular basis
  • Waxing and carpet extraction (deep cleaning)—at least once yearly, heavy traffic areas done during breaks
  • Washing lights, blinds, windows—as needed, including a once-yearly comprehensive cleaning (usually in the summer)
  • Snow and ice removal in entrances and hallways as needed

Trades Staff

Trades staff provides licensed expertise in carpentry, electrical, and mechanical services:

  • Carpentry
    Renovations and upgrades—walls, floors, ceilings, cabinets, doors, windows, locks; installing architectural specialties including screens, whiteboards, and tackboards
  • Coordinating capital projects—renovations, site maintenance, special projects, and ancillary services
  • Electrical—inspect, maintain, repair, modify, and upgrade, including alarm systems and elevators; coordinate electrical capital work including renovations, exterior/interior lighting and site maintenance
  • Mechanical—plumbing refrigeration, steam fitting, sheet metal fabrication, instrumentation, millwright work, machining, welding and building operations; respond to trouble calls.

2.5 million

square feet of buildings maintained

Facilities Maintenance staff member with a cleaning cart.