College of Engineering

Educator Workshops and Institutes

Study abroad students standing near the top of a mountain range.

Geology of Utah’s National Parks

This graduate level course for teachers features fourteen days of field-based activities in and around the national parks and monuments of eastern Utah—areas internationally recognized for their outstanding geology. Learn to use maps, compasses, GPS, rock and mineral identification, geomorphology, subsurface geology, fossils, and basic engineering principles; learn how climate, sea level, and mountain building change the earth’s landscape, and how to recognize the record of change in rocks.

ASM International Materials Camp

The ASM International Teachers Materials camp is an intensive, week-long course intended to introduce (primarily) middle and high school teachers to the discipline of Materials Science and Engineering. Teachers will participate in inexpensive, exciting experiments that illustrate the science that explains why different materials have different properties, and how scientists and engineers can control the properties of a material.

Western UP Center for Math, Science, and Environmental Education

The Western UP Center offers an impressive selection of professional development programs designed to help teachers to implement state and national standards, and to actively engage their students in learning. The Center is a partnership of Copper Country Intermediate School District, Gogebic-Ontonagon Intermediate School District, and Michigan Tech. Contact Joan Chadde.