Supporting Diversity

“We are for difference: for respecting difference, for allowing difference, for encouraging difference, until difference no longer makes a difference.”

Experiencing diversity is a vital component of a quality engineering education. We prepare our students to live and work in a diverse society, and invite companies and organizations to join us in this effort.

In our increasingly pluralistic and interdependent world, a diversity of talents, perspectives and experiences are essential to generate the solutions for world problems.

Underrepresented minorities and women have made great strides in the competitive field of engineering, but there is still much work to be done. Our goal is to increase the participation of all underrepresented groups in our undergraduate and graduate engineering programs.

We invite you to share your thoughts and ideas on this subject. Please feel free to contact us.


The following definitions are derived from the accrediting body for most of the programs offered in the college of engineering,

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Women Engineers

Michigan Tech is committed to increasing recruitment and support of women in engineering and other science programs and careers through a long-term, sustained effort. Some strategies include:

“It’s really important to have more women pursue engineering. Engineering in general is not known to have a lot of women educators or to have a lot of women in the field. But we also know that the more diverse your team is, typically the more creative your solutions are, and diverse teams usually save companies more money.”Caryn Heldt, professor of chemical engineering, on barriers women can face in the workforce