College of Engineering Vision and Mission


Create a sustainable, just, and prosperous world.


Deliver world-class education, research and leadership to the State of Michigan, the nation and the world.


The College of Engineering promotes a culture that values teamwork and collaboration, and recognizes all contributions of faculty, staff, and students to meet our mission. We acknowledge, respect and promote the importance of diversity in an inclusive environment. We reinforce the importance of leadership, integrity, safety, innovation and excellence in all that we do and our stakeholders expect these values in our graduates. To facilitate this culture, the College of Engineering provides support to its departments, faculty and staff as they deliver world-class education and research in an environment where continuous improvement is a top priority.

Core Values

Leadership, Integrity, Impactfulness, Inclusiveness, Excellence


  1. Provide world-class undergraduate and graduate education to support a diverse workforce and societal needs.
  2. Create scientific and technological advancements to enhance our world.
  3. Foster innovation in entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial activities.

Strategies in Support of Objectives

  1. Recruit, retain, and graduate a larger and more diverse student body.
  2. Recruit and retain exceptional and diverse faculty and staff.
  3. Foster impactful research and scholarship.
  4. Increase funding.
  5. Promote the College of Engineering departments, programs, and people.