General/Undecided Engineering

First-year students get insight from the lecturer.

Undecided about which area of engineering to pursue? No problem. You’ll have a chance to explore them all. Every engineering student at Michigan Tech takes the same core courses, and chooses a major after two or three semesters. You will get exposure to all the engineering fields before choosing a career path. While you are at it, you will gain the fundamental skills for success.

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Advisors are available for every part of your journey.

Career Advising

Academic Advising

Engineering Explorations

As part of the first-year engineering program, students attend Engineering Explorations events held by the engineering departments. Explorations allow students to confirm their interest in their chosen major. For undecided students, these explorations provide an opportunity to make an informed decision about their discipline.

Transition to a Major

Undergraduate academic advisors guide students by helping them to understand requirements that must be met before moving to their department of choice.

“Like many students, when I started university,
I had only a vague notion about what my major would be.
So, I selected courses that would count in any major.”

Dean Janet Callahan

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Janet Callahan addresses first-year engineering students.