Engineering Fundamentals

Student Work Opportunities

The Department of Engineering Fundamentals is looking for undergraduate and graduate students to assist instructors in the 1st and 2nd year engineering courses. Applicants should have good communication and leadership skills, as well as a working knowledge of the subjects being taught.

Positions are available every semester.

  1. Teaching Assistant for 1st Year Engineering Courses
    Teaching Assistants attend the lectures, assist the instructor in answering questions during lab/work time, and grade home assignments. In addition, they should have completed their 1st year engineering courses or equivalent.
  2. Grader for 2nd Year Engineering Courses
    Graders correct homework assignments in a fair and timely fashion. In addition, graders should have strong knowledge of the course topic.
    • ENG1003 - Computer Aided Drafting
    • ENG2120 - Statics/Strength of Materials

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