Mission and Vision


We enable students to succeed in upper level engineering curricula through the following activities:

  1. Delivering and administering an innovative first-year engineering program that undergoes continuous assessment and revision;
  2. Advising first-year engineering students and assisting them in the selection of a major curriculum;
  3. Providing a leadership role for the College in educational research and in outreach; and
  4. Developing and delivering quality service courses in engineering.

The Department also administers the Bachelor of Science in Engineering degree program for the College of Engineering, provides academic advising for students in that program, and serves as an academic home for engineering undecided students.


Students building their foundation to create the future.

The Department of Engineering Fundamentals provides the first-year engineering program for the College of Engineering, offering students innovative fundamental courses, academic advising, and an opportunity to explore engineering. The Department collaborates with College and University faculty and staff to develop and deliver enriching outreach activities and to conduct research on engineering education. Hallmarks of this department will include technology-rich, discovery-based learning as well as a teaching/learning environment in which diversity in its broadest sense is valued.

The Bachelor of Science in Engineering degree program offers students pathways to non-traditional engineering degrees and offers the College a place to cultivate degree programs in emerging engineering disciplines. The faculty of Engineering Fundamentals will be faithful stewards of this degree program.

Mission and Vision approved by Engineering Fundamentals Department Spring 2010.