Transition to a Major

Transition to a Major

Moving into Your Engineering Discipline Major

Every engineering student takes the same courses during the first two semesters, pending math placement, advanced placement (AP) credits, and dual enrollment credits. Once you’ve chosen your engineering discipline, you should meet with the undergraduate academic advisor of your prospective department. He or she will help you understand any requirements that you must meet to move to your department of choice (some engineering departments have grade and/or course completion requirements). The academic advisor will also be able to initiate the brief paperwork for your move.

What if I am still undecided?

If you are unsure of which engineering discipline to major in, you should meet with one of the academic advisors in Engineering Fundamentals. It is possible to continue to take common classes into the sophomore year, but this may extend your time to graduation.

If you remain undecided because you are looking for a career path not offered in the discipline degree programs, you should speak to the advisors in Engineering Fundamentals about the Bachelor of Science in Engineering degree program, which offers the flexibility to tailor your engineering curriculum path to meet your career goals.

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