ECE Technical Electives by Focus Area

EE Technical Electives

This is a list of typical courses which may be used to fulfill the "EE Technical Electives" on the BSEE (program code EEE). See the degree audit for the minimum number of credits required for the EE degree or the EE degree with a concentration.

The following lists show which focus area or areas best represent each course. Students may mix and match choices as they like, or take more courses from one area for a stronger focus or area of specialization. Prerequisites must be met to register in a course. EE (Technical) Electives are EE courses that are not specifically required. They are lecture-based or lab-based. Pass/fail courses do not apply. Project work, co-op, independent study, and research credits may not apply in the EE Technical Electives area. Refer to the degree audit for details.

Review the Schedule of Classes for actual offerings for each upcoming semester. It is best to plan ahead by 2–3 semesters for preferred choices. Meet with the academic advisor if assistance is needed. Contact the instructor for course content details or expand the course descriptions below.

By Permission

  • EE 4800 is offered when an instructor offers a new or one-time course. Review the Schedule of Classes to find out if there are any interesting courses offered under EE 4800 each semester. Permission from the department is required to use EE 4800 in EE Technical Electives.
  • Graduate level courses may be used as electives. They typically require a level-waiver/instructor permission.
  • Other courses may require instructor permission or a level waiver. Check the course description.

Power and Energy


Robotics, Control, and Automation

  • EE 4375 is not yet available. It will begin in a future semester.

Communication and Digital Signal Processing



  • EE 4411 is also offered on demand.

Computer Systems

  • EE 4737 is not offered in Spring 2023.