Center for Diversity and Inclusion (CDI)

Institutional Organizations and Initiatives

Presidential Council of Alumnae

The Presidential Council of Alumnae advises the President on campus climate issues; encourages the interaction of Michigan Tech alumnae with their academic departments to assist in improving department programs; encourages and supports Michigan Tech female students, faculty, and alumnae in accomplishing career and life choice goals; and advances Michigan Tech students by helping develop their leadership and professional skills.

Women in Science and Engineering (WISE)

The mission of WISE is to increase the number of women faculty in the STEM departments at Michigan Tech through increased recruitment, advancement, and career success. WISE faculty and staff also serve as mentors for female students at Michigan Tech.

Women of Promise

The Women of Promise program recognizes current female Michigan Tech students from each academic department who go above and beyond what is expected of them in terms of being a well-rounded student–one who has demonstrated academic achievement, campus and community leadership, good citizenship, creativity, and other characteristics of high-achieving individuals.

Women's Center

The Electrical and Computer Engineering Department provides a 24/7 study space for female students. The Women's Center features a quiet study area, a testbench, and tables for homework, studying, meeting and relaxing. The area is open to any enrolled female student (regardless of major) and is located in 734 EERC.