Center for Diversity and Inclusion

Financial Resources

Michigan Tech is an investment in your future. CDI provides information about financial resources to help support students. Please check out the below resources:

Cultural Event Fund

The Center for Diversity and Inclusion welcomes your student organizations to request funding through the Cultural Event Fund. The Cultural Events Fund, administered through a collaborative committee, was instituted in 2018 in an effort to support cultural events and programs hosted by student organizations. Thank you, we look forward to collaborating with your organization.

[Find more information here.]

Betty Chavis Emergency Fund

The death of an immediate family member, a personal injury or accident, or victim of a crime—these are some examples of unforeseen circumstances that can create financial emergencies. The Betty Chavis Emergency Fund was established to provide support for Michigan Tech students in these types of emergency situations.

[Read requirements and how to apply.]

Michigan Indian Tuition Waiver

The Michigan Indian Tuition Waiver is a state-wide public act that provides free tuition for Native American students who must be:

  • enrolled at one of Michigan's public colleges or universities; and
  • one-quarter or more Native American blood quantum as certified by your Tribal Enrollment Department; and
  • enrolled as a member of a US federally recognized tribe as certified by your Tribal Enrollment Department; and a
  • legal resident of the state of Michigan for not less than 12 consecutive months.

To learn more about the Michigan Indian Tuition Waiver program, please read about the application process, the American Indian College Fund, or additional financial assistance available to Native American students.

Grants for Native Americans

On this website, you'll find a comprehensive listing of native american grants in all 50 states and major cities. This website provides detailed information on native american grants that could help low income individuals and families [ two parent and single parent ] with grants and scholarships.

Assistance is offered free of cost to eligible families who can offer sufficient documentation to prove financial hardship. These programs help with the following :

  • Rent
  • Medical bills
  • College scholarships
  • Medication
  • Utility bills
  • Mortgage
  • Child care

[Find more information here.]

 Job Opportunities

Career Services has the latest on jobs—jobs that teach you skills and help you develop personally and professionally outside the classroom. Getting paid is a welcome bonus. Explore these links.


The Center for Diversity and Inclusion works to provide information for underrepresented students about the scholarship opportunities available both through the University as well as through external funding sources. Listed below are links to specific scholarships as well as scholarship search engines that can help women, GLBTQ students, and students of color access the range of financial resources available.

Office of Financial Aid—Including the Wade McCree Scholarship and Diversity Incentive Awards.

College Resource Network—Search for scholarships targeted to your identity group.

Specific Scholarship—women, LGBTQIA students, and/or students of color.