Center for Diversity and Inclusion

Open Letter to the Michigan Tech Campus Community

Affirming our Commitment to the Michigan Tech Vision and Mission

In this historical moment, we as Michigan Tech faculty want to reaffirm our commitment to the vision and mission of this university. We stand by a vision of Tech as a global institution that promotes a shared world in which justice, sustainability, and prosperity are real possibilities for everyone. We find inspiration in our students and hope to inspire them in turn to create this future. We commit ourselves to addressing the challenges of our country and the world through innovative, interdisciplinary, and engaged scholarship, research, and educational practices that give every student and every teacher abundant opportunities to learn. In all aspects of our roles as Michigan Tech faculty, we promote mutual respect, inclusivity, and dialogue and we seek to sustain a culture of collegiality, safety, support, and openness across diverse perspectives, traditions, and identities.

All members of the Michigan Tech community are invited to sign this statement, initiated by a group of faculty, in support of our common vision and mission.

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