Dee Ressler

Dee Ressler


  • Office Assistant
  • Pronouns: she, her, hers

About Me

Hi Everyone! I am the Office Assistant at CDI.  As well as working with really great people I like meeting and chatting with all the students that stop by and hang out. My favorite "duty" it to make sure the coffee pots keep full all morning!  I was raised in the Southern U.P. (Daggett/Stephenson), came to Houghton to attend Mich Tech, graduated in '89 with a BS in Business/Finance, and just never left.  When I am not working, I enjoy crocheting (not knitting), painting furniture, mowing my lawn in the short summer season, walking the NARA trails and trying new recipes for the crockpot. So, as you stop by for that cup of coffee, look to your left and you'll get a "HI!" from me. 


  • Monday Morning Email
  • Student Organization Support
  • Travel Support
  • Social Justice Lecture Series
  • General Office Management