Center for Diversity and Inclusion

Percy Julian Award

Percy Julian Award Winners-- Neffertia Tyner, Jimmie Cannon, and Logan McMillan

The Percy Julian Award is given out annually to an undergraduate student who displays outstanding leadership accomplishments which promote diversity, social equality, or racial/ethnic and cultural understanding at Michigan Tech.

Percy Lavon Julian, an organic chemist, was born in Montgomery, Alabama, in 1899. The grandson of slaves, he graduated with honors from DePauw University in 1920 and earned a master's degree in chemistry from Harvard University in 1923. As chief chemist and director of research for the Glidden Company beginning in 1936, Dr. Julian's appointment became a watershed in the acceptance of African American scientists. Beyond his scientific achievements, Dr. Julian involved himself in the movement for civic and social equality, receiving the NAACP's Springarn Medal in 1947. 

Past Award Recipients

Logan McMillan

Jimmie Cannon

Neffertia Tyner and Luyao Li

Taylor Driscoll

Kailey Feuerstein