Corporate Connections

Each semester, the Center for Diversity and Inclusion (CDI) support students professional goals by providing various opportunities to connect with Industry Representatives. We help students prepare for CareerFEST by advising on resumes, helping with mock interviews, hosting informal gatherings with companies such as The Dow Chemical Company, Ford Motor Co and Caterpillar, and connecting students to company representatives who have requested an opportunity to meet with Tech's women, students of color, and LGBTQIA+ students.

By sponsoring a student organization or collaborating with the CDI, your company will have the chance to interact with students in a personal, intentional, and meaningful way that best works for your hiring and networking purposes. Students want to meet and engage with you, as much as you want to meet and engage with them! The benefits of a diverse staff not only include an increase in creativity and innovative ideas, but also a more qualified and competitive workforce, greater economic growth, and less turnover.

Ways to connect with students:

  • Host an evening or afternoon with students (ex. Donuts with Dow)
  • Sponsor or affiliate yourself with a student organization's event or program
  • Attend student organization meetings (ex. become an honorary member)
  • Sponsor student organizations' travel to conferences and events
  • Host an open talk, presentation, workshop, or discussion with a student organization
  • Zoom into student organization meetings. Organize representatives that share an identity that students can benefit from seeing and connecting with
  • Mentor a student organization
  • Work alongside a student organization to design workshops, discussions, or events

For more information contact the Center for Diversity and Inclusion at or 906-487-2920.