Academic Grievance

Michigan Technological University recognizes the need to assure that student grievances about faculty actions are evaluated fairly and equitably and, for this purpose, has established the procedures outlined below.

Student complaints that are related to academic integrity or alleged discrimination and/or harassment are not covered under this policy or procedure. In such cases, students are directed to the Misconduct in Research, Scholarly, and Creative Endeavors Policy, the Academic Integrity Policy, or to the Office of Equal Opportunity Compliance and Title IX to proceed with their complaints. Likewise, complaints about University policy and procedure should be directed to the responsible office or unit.


Ombuds Office

Prior to filing a formal academic grievance, students may seek informal resolution of a University-related concern or dispute by contacting the University Ombuds Office. The ombuds officer will evaluate whether the concern or conflict can likely be resolved through informal mediation efforts. The ombuds officer provides confidential, impartial conflict resolution services to students, staff, and faculty members. Consultation with the ombuds officer will not preclude or impair other avenues of grievance investigation or adjudication available to students.