Office of Academic and Community Conduct

Procedure for Addressing Sexual and/or Relationship Misconduct Allegations against Michigan Technological University Students

Procedural Summary

All allegations of sexual and/or relationship misconduct against a student that become known to campus security authorities and/or responsible employees of the University will be subject to review and investigation. A student wishing to officially report such an incident may do so by contacting the Title IX Coordinator, the Office of Academic and Community Conduct, and/or Public Safety and Police Services. Campuses are obligated to respond to reports of sexual and/or relationship misconduct. If the review and investigation concludes, based on a preponderance of the evidence, that a student is responsible for sexual and/or relationship misconduct, appropriate sanctions and interventions will be applied. (Non-student sexual and/or relationship misconduct is governed by other Codes of conduct, policies and/or laws.) This document outlines the procedures that will be utilized at each stage of the process from initial review to final appeal. In addition, the reporting party may also file external, criminal/civil proceedings for violations of federal/state laws and/or city ordinances. Proceedings may be carried out prior to, simultaneously with, or following criminal/civil proceedings.


Procedures for Addressing Sexual and/or Relationship Misconduct Allegations Against Michigan Technological University Students (PDF Viewer)



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