Faculty Resources

The Office of Academic and Community Conduct provides the following academic-integrity resources for faculty members.

Academic Integrity Policy

Please review the Academic Integrity Policy if you are not familiar with it. This will help in identifying incidents of academic misconduct when they occur.

View the Academic Integrity Policy

Reporting and Communicating Academic Misconduct

We strongly urge you to report all incidents of suspected or confirmed academic misconduct to your faculty supervisor; see report a concern and Senate Procedure 109.1.1 for further information. It is vitally important that students understand that academic misconduct is unacceptable and results in a report to the Office of Academic and Community Conduct; hence, a student will be identified if he/she is engaging in academic misconduct in more than one class. We will always discuss a situation with the instructor before taking any action.

How to Prevent Academic Misconduct

Course Syllabi

Under Michigan Tech’s Academic Integrity Policy, faculty are asked to "clearly define in writing (e.g., syllabus, website) the permissible or expected collaboration on any assignment or other academic integrity issues that pertain to their class."

There are several ideas for syllabus statements on academic integrity that you can supplement with course-specific information as appropriate. If you have any specific issues you want to discuss, please contact Rob Bishop, Director of Academic Conduct.

Jackson Center for Teaching and Learning

Problems with Collaboration

A recurring problem that arises when students are accustomed to working in teams is they continue to work in a team when given an individual assignment. Sometimes this results from understandable confusion if the instructor doesn't give explicit instructions about how assignments should be completed.

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