Dallas K. Bates

Dallas K. Bates


Professor Emeritus, Chemistry

  • Postdoctoral, Organic Chemistry, University of Zurich (Professor Hans Schmid)
  • Postdoctoral, High Energy Materials, Army Research Office
  • PhD, Organic Chemistry, University of Idaho
  • BS, Chemistry, Michigan Technological University

Research Interests

  • Improving and developing new methods for heterocycle synthesis
  • Creating novel applications for sulfoxides and other reactive sulfur species

Recent Publications

  • Bates, D. K.; Li, X.; Jog, P. V. “Simple thiazocine-2-acetic acid derivatives via ring-closing metathesis (RCM),” Journal of Organic Chemistry, 2004, 69(8), 2750-2754.

  • Ekkati, A.; Bates, D. K. “A convenient synthesis of N-acylpyrroles from primary aromatic amides,” Synthesis, 2003, (13), 1959-1961.

  • Jog, P. V.; Brown, R.; Bates, D. K. “A redox-mediated molecular brake: Dynamic NMR study of 2[2-(methylthio)phenyl]isoindolin-1-one and S-oxidized counterparts” Journal of Organic Chemistry, 2003, 68(21), 8240-8243.

  • Luck, R. L.; Li, K.; Bates, D. K. "6-Methyl-11a,12-dihydro-6H-quino[3,2- b][1,4]benzothiazine: An amidine formed under unusual conditions" Acta Crystallographica, Section E, 2003, E59, 302-303.

  • Bates, D. K.; Li, K. "Stannous chloride mediated reductive cyclization- rearrangement of nitroarenyl ketones" Journal of Organic Chemistry, 2002, 67, 8662-8665.