Training and Resources

CEGE Laboratory Specific Training

In-person and Online Training: Six-step Process

Step 1

Training verification is to be filled out by faculty and staff only. Please make sure the trainee has received ALL of the necessary CEGE Laboratory Specific Training before applying for any SafetySkills online training.  Read all steps and come back to step two (2) when the in-person training is completed.  For reference, CEGE Research and Teaching Labs has a list of all departmental laboratories and their respective supervisors.

Step 2


  • Trainee's first and last name,
  • e-mail address, and
  • M number.

This information is needed for training assignment.

Step 3

Determine whether the trainee will be paid (on payroll). This will affect how training is assigned.

Step 4

Confirm that all necessary CEGE Laboratory Specific In-person Training has been given. Select the laboratories in which the trainee will be working.

Step 5

Determine whether the trainee will require key or swipe access for the desired spaces.

Step 6

Fill out this information in the CEGE Laboratory Specific Training verification form.


Training Notes
CEGE Chemical Hygiene Plan Training Video
Online Safety Training (UL PureSafety) Requires login with Michigan Tech ISO password
Glove Removal Safety Video
Resources Notes
Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Safety training, documents, programs, forms, procedures, and contacts
MSDSonline Michigan Tech uses MSDSonline to electrically organize its (Material) Safety Data Sheets, also known as (M)SDSs. After Michigan Tech ISO login, select by lab location and product data.
Environmental Health and Safety Inspection Platform (SafetyStratus) Access to laboratory inspection reports (requires enrollment by EHS).