Major Requirements

The provided tools and resources will help you track your academic progress. Audit worksheets are available to use as a course checklist. Flowcharts are available to see recommended course sequencing. Contact Jodie Filpus-Paakola with any questions or to obtain flowcharts.

A student's official University audit is found in MyMichiganTech using uAchieve Interactive Degree Audit.

Business General (not a degree program)

Students coming to MTU for Business and Economics can designate Business General for their first three semesters if they are unsure which area of business they wish to study.


Audit Worksheets

Accounting with Data Analytics Concentration

Construction Management


Audit Worksheets

Engineering Management


Audit Worksheets


Audit Worksheets

Management with Entreprenuership Concentration

Management with Supply Chain and Operations Management Concentration

Management Information Systems (MIS)


Audit Worksheets

University Degree Audits

The Registrar's Office keeps degree audits by the year you start a degree program. Please use the links below to find the correct degree audit form. Contact us if you have any questions.