APMP Advisory Board

The Applied Portfolio Management Program at Michigan Tech is overseen by an Advisory Board composed of supporters and financial experts from around the country. APMP students will present their investment strategy, financial forecast, and multiple presentations to the board throughout their year in the program.

Current Advisory Board

  • Chris Gariepy
  • John Hartman
  • Hugh H. Makens
  • Stephen C. Mattson
  • Dewaine A. Olson*
  • Susan Serafini
  • Joseph R. Dancy
  • Daniel D. Greenlee
  • Ryan Layton
  • James Penrose Markham
  • Sean McLeod
  • Brent L. Peterson
  • Ted Simonsen

*Denotes Honorary Board Member

Former Board Members

  • George J. Butvilas
  • Clarence R. Fisher
  • Dr. R. Eugene Klippel
  • Stanford N. Phelps
  • Norbert J. Verville Sr
  • Le Roy J Warner
  • Xueqian Maggie Chen
  • Dr. James R. Gale*
  • Keith W. Lantz
  • Chester J. Rheault
  • Dr. Christa L. Walck
  • Lawrence V. Durland