Scottish Pickled Eggs

Here's a recipe for Scottish Pickled Eggs that we all enjoy over here!


  • 4 dozen eggs
  • 1 gallon white vinegar
  • 1 cauliflower
  • 2 teaspoons of yellow mustard
  • Salt + white pepper
  • 1-2 gallon jar to pickle the eggs in
  • Feel free to add broccoli (which gives the eggs a fluorescent green tint)


Hard boil and shell the eggs. Put half of the vinegar in a big pan and add everything except the eggs. Cover and slow-boil for two hours. Meanwhile add the eggs and the rest of the vinegar to the jar. When the vinegar, etc. is finished boiling add it to the jar and seal while hot. Leave for 2-3 weeks then sling on yer kilt and scream like a highland haggis! Hoots mon, these eegs'r flimmin' braw! Thanks to Gordon Macdonald for supplying the recipe.