Alumni-Student Broomball Invitational

Thanks to all who participated in the 2022 Alumni-Student Broomball Invitational!

Twenty teams descended on Michigan Tech's broomball rinks on Walker Lawn. There were 12 alumni and eight student teams. Alumni teams faired very well as all four teams in the semifinals were alumni squads.

D-Gel Dynasty defended its 2020 win by capturing first place. Second place went to The Wall, and third place went to Brooms of Rapture.

Over 100 alumni participated, ranging in grad years from 1987 to 2021. Among the teams were three sets of brothers, three husband-wife combos, one father with his two daughters, and one father with his two sons.

Numbers from Our 2022 Event

  • 150+
    Alumni, friends, and students playing
  • 12th
    2022 was the 12th Annual Broomball Tournament
  • 4
    Degrees Fahrenheit at the start of the tournament

2022 Alumni-Student Broomball Bracket

2022 Tournament Bracket


(Bold) denotes winner of round.


  • Black Rink | Super Sweepers vs (Utopia)
  • Silver Rink | Clean Sweep vs (The People Who Work at the Cafe)
  • Gold Rink | The Cru vs (Flaminghos)


  • Black Rink | (Iv His Glory) vs Treehouse
  • Silver Rink | (Swiet Alumni) vs The Reckoning
  • Gold Rink | A-Team vs (We Paid the Refs)


  • Black Rink | (The Locals) vs Utopia
  • Silver Rink | (Slavic Thunder) vs The People Who Work at the Cafe
  • Gold Rink | (Ginger Haus) vs Flaminghos


  • Black Rink | (The Wall) vs Iv His Glory
  • Silver Rink | Tech Ration vs (Swiet Alumni)
  • Gold Rink | (Brooms of Rapture) vs We Paid the Refs


  • Black Rink | The Locals vs (D-Gel Dynasty)
  • Silver Rink | Slavic Thunder vs (Ginger Haus)


  • Black Rink | (The Wall) vs Swiet Alumni
  • Silver Rink | (Brooms of Rapture) vs We Paid the Refs


  • Black Rink | (D-Gel Dynasty) vs Ginger Haus
  • Silver Rink | (The Wall) vs Brooms of Rapture


  • Black Rink | (D-Gel Dynasty) vs The Wall


  • 1st De-Gel Dynasty
  • 2nd The Wall
  • 3rd Brooms of Rapture