Corporate Chapters

Michigan Tech’s Corporate Chapter Program Creates: 

Enhanced Networking Opportunities

Employees network, learn, socialize, and stay connected with Tech. Events focus on career development, volunteering, and timely industry topics. Activities include department tours, coffee breaks, lunches (pasties and pickled eggs anyone?), and after-work socials.

Increased Employee Engagement

Connecting with fellow alumni cultivates cross-team and interdisciplinary relationships helps Huskies stay in touch and open new lines of communication.

Strengthened Talent Pipeline

An active group of Tech alumni within the organization provides a valuable internal resource for student interns, enhancing their experience and influencing their perspective of the organization as a destination workplace. A strong network can lead to an increase of internal referrals and recruits.

Enriched Volunteer Opportunities

Corporate alumni networks enhance opportunities for employees to connect with our talented students through career panels, advising senior design or Enterprise teams, judging Design Expo projects, conduct mock interviews, and resume reviews.

Corporations and their Husky employees help Michigan Tech and our students in a number of ways including as Career Services Partners, participation in the Corporate Matching Gift Competition, through a Co-op/Internship Program, and as supporters/advisors for student projects and Enterprise teams.

Top Employers of Michigan Tech Huskies (Linkedin, September 2019)

  • 903 Alumni
    General Motors
  • 666 Alumni
    Ford Motor Company
  • 447 Alumni
    Fiat Chrysler Automobiles
  • 231 Alumni
  • 191 Alumni
  • 175 Alumni
    Consumers Energy
  • 172 Alumni
  • 168 Alumni
    Caterpillar, Inc.
  • 160 Alumni
  • 103 Alumni

Huskies @ Work chapter activities include 

Co-Hosted by Huskies at Ford, GM, Toyota, and FCA

  • Summer Intern Social, Belle Isle, MI
  • Curling Night, Detroit Curling Club, MI 

Ford Motor Company

  • Annual summer pasty picnic, Dearborn, MI
  • Regular social and professional development events
  • Co-branded Ford/Michigan Tech attire 

General Motors

  • Annual Michigan Tech Alumni Breakfast, Warren, MI
  • Michigan Tech social and Red Wings Game
  • Volunteer support for Bridging Communities program
  • Co-branded GM/Michigan Tech attire 

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA)

  • Annual Michigan Tech update gathering, Auburn Hills, MI
  • Co-branded FCA/Michigan Tech attire 

Dow Chemical Company

  • Annual summer pasty picnic, Midland, MI 

Kohler Company

  • Regular social and professional development events 

DTE Energy

  • Annual Michigan Tech update gathering, Detroit, MI 

Continental Automotive Systems

  • Annual Michigan Tech update gathering, Detroit, MI 

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