Corporate Alumni Networks

Explore the powerful connections between your career and Michigan Tech's alumni network. Corporate alumni networks are organized within companies by volunteers who work in tandem with the Office of Alumni Engagement to implement a variety of activities and ways to connect.

A Michigan Tech corporate alumni network at your workplace can:

Career Fair

Ways Corporate Alumni Networks Connect

  • Staying connected on MTU alumni channels on internal communication platforms
  • Hosting pasty picnics 
  • Organizing professional networking events
  • Celebrating colleagues
  • ...and more!


Stay Connected

Want to tap into your alumni corporate network at your workplace? Foster new relationships with fellow Huskies through social events or through your internal communication system like Microsoft Teams or Slack. Our alumni corporate networks are intentionally structured and easy to maintain. Let's connect today!

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Combine Your Corporate Identity and Alumni Pride

A chance for alumni to proudly display their affiliation with both their alma mater and professional journey with co-branded apparel.

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Are you excited to design custom t-shirts, mugs, and more that embody the spirit of both your corporate journey and University legacy?

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