Volunteer Opportunities (Prospective Students)

Guide Prospective Students Toward Science & Engineering

Summer Youth Programs

Help students learn about their future career options through programs such as Summer Youth Explorations, Women in Engineering, and Explorations in Engineering. Email Youth Programs to learn more.

Interested in sharing your knowledge as a Role Model Speaker? 

Contact Rose Martell for more information.

Yes! Expo - Detroit, MI

Join companies, universities, and the State of Michigan in the mission to inspire over 15,000 middle- and high-school students to pursue education and careers in engineering and science.

For more information about getting your company involved as an exhibitor or sponsor, or your local school involved as a participant, contact Pete Cattelino, Director YES! Expo.


High School Enterprise

Enterprise is an innovative educational program which provides its students an opportunity to develop technical, business, and interpersonal skills using a multidisciplinary team approach to address real-world projects in a business-like setting.

Support high school students as they gain a better understanding of classroom subjects, develop skills for success in the workplace, learn through mentoring, work in diverse teams, and gain experience with STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math).

Industry partners and community volunteers can help by providing funding, project ideas and support, publicity, or mentoring, or by starting a booster organization. For more detail about the program and how you can get involved, contact Paige Hackney.


A fantastic way to give back to your alma mater is to share your experiences with prospective students. For information about these opportunities, contact Kyle Rubin, Michigan Tech’s Assistant Director of Admissions.

If you would like to request Michigan Tech admissions information be sent to a prospective student, please complete the information request form. Be sure to provide contact information for the student, not yourself. Otherwise, you'll get mail, phone calls, and email from our admissions staff and current students to recruit you to come to Tech. And you've already been here and done that.

If you would prefer, you're welcome to contact the admissions staff by phone at 888-688-1885 or send email to mtu4u@mtu.edu with any questions or information requests.