Alumni and Friends

Class of 1980 Map

Where Are They Now?

Check out the interactive map below to find where your class members have gone.

Missing Huskies:

Some of our Class of 1980 alumni have dropped out of sight. If you know where any of them are, please ask them to email us (or call 1-877-688-2586) so we can keep them updated on Reunion events!

Ezinwa N. Amaefule
Richard D. Bowden
Lorene M. Faulkner
Dinebari Gberesu-Aaton Sr
Halim Hartono
Joseph O. Imoukhuede
Jean P. Julien
Ronald M. Kauppi
Fatih Koncuk

Bevrly J. Krellwitz
Beatriz M. Lacombe
Randall D. Lund
Cecilia D. Marcano-Torcat
Col. Kevin L. Martin
Michael D. Metivier
Roger L. Perreault
Mohamed A. Ratil
Luis R. Rojas

Sheila M. Schencke
Edmund J. Stuart
A. Omolaja Taiwo
Ladda Temudom
Sheryl D. Thiessen
Patricia O. Williams
Jody E. Wnuk
Martha E. Wnuk
Freddy Yose