Alumni and Friends

Class of 1970 Map

Where Are They Now?

Check out the interactive map below to find where your class members have gone.

Missing Huskies:

Some of our Class of 1970 alumni have dropped out of sight. If you know where any of them are, please ask them to email us (or call 1-877-688-2586) so we can keep them updated on Reunion events!

Keith W. Anderson
Edmond N. Avakian
Robert A. Bennett
Walter C. Burville
John J. Doyle P.E.
W. Thomas Easton
Dr. M. Eshaque
Michael B. Fallat
Harthan H. Foster

James H. Lewis
George S. Maalouf
Ronnie J. Mallory
A. Peter Marinis
Dennis L. Miller
Rudolf R. Nahhas
Sadullah Ozturk
David L. Postler
Barry V. Sawchuk

Sami A. Sayegh
Serak A. Simon
Victor M. Tepedino
Aykut Tolunay
Patricio Villarroel
Richard F. Wadleigh Jr
Kenneth S Wells