X-Ray Diffraction

Philips Electronic Instruments X-ray Generator


The Philips Electronic Instruments X-ray generator provides an X-ray source for the Laue method X-ray photo measurement. The system has been upgraded with a modern and complete safety interlocked, leaded enclosure.

A view of the Philips Laue set up.


The Laue method utilizes a beam of coherent radiation focused on a fixed single crystal. When the Bragg angle θ is fixed for every set of planes in the crystal, and each set picks out and diffracts that particular wavelength which satisfies the Bragg law for the particular values of the lattice distance d and the diffraction angle θ involved. This Laue photo camera makes use of the back-reflection Laue method. In this case the film is placed between the crystal and the X-ray source, with the incident beam passing through a hole in the film, and the diffracted beams passing in a backward direction are recorded. The diffracted beams form an array of spots on the film. The positions of the spots on the film depend on the orientation of the crystal relative to the incident beam. The Laue methods are used to determine the crystal orientation and crystal symmetry.