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X-ray interaction showing subatomic particles

The Interaction of X-Rays With Matter

Photoelectric Effect – Compton Effect – Pair Production
David M. Harrison

Reciprocal space lattice with Ewald sphere

Reciprocal Space

Reciprocal Space – Ewald Sphere – Reciprocal Lattice – Brillouin Zones
DoITPoMS – University of Cambridge

Bremsstrahlung showing atomic levels and release of x-ray

X-Ray Processes


X-Ray Interactions

This animation illustrates the five primary mechanisms by which high energy photons interact with matter.


This animation illustrates the production of X-rays via Bremsstrahlung.

K X-Ray Production

This animation shows how characteristic X-rays are produced.

Michael R. Gallis

X-ray diffraction showing a lattice and beams

X-Ray Diffraction

Diffraction Insights
Branton J. Campbell