Before reserving equipment, all users must familiarize themselves with lab procedure and policy.

X-Ray Facility Instrument Google Calendar Name
Scintag XDS2000 Powder Diffractometer ACMAL > ACMAL-XRD Powder
Scintag XDS2000 Pole Figure Diffractometer ACMAL > ACMAL-XRD PTS
Philips Electronic Instruments X-ray Generator NA
Siemens D500 Powder Diffractometer ACMAL > ACMAL-XRD D500
Xenemetrix EX-6600 Energy Dispersive Spectrometer ACMAL > ACMAL-XRF

All XRF users must review ACMAL use rates and session accountability.

ACMAL Use Rates

ACMAL Session

Follow the instructions below to make a reservation. Many of the instruments can be reserved using Google Calendar.

Google Resource Calendar Instructions