X-Ray Facility
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All XRF users must review the general approach to ACMAL training.

ACMAL Training

XRF Training

Coursework Training

Some affiliated courses are available. Users are expected to gain the proper background, including an understanding of the theory, before deciding to use these techniques.

MSE 3120 - Materials Characterization I

Fundamentals of microstructural and chemical characterization of materials. Examines the physical principles controlling the various basic characterization techniques. Topics include crystallography, optics, optical and electron microscopy, and diffraction. Laboratory focuses on proper operational principles of characterization equipment, which includes optical and other microscopy methods and various diffraction techniques.

  • Credits: 4.0
  • Lec-Rec-Lab: (2-1-3)
  • Semesters Offered: Spring
  • Pre-Requisite(s): MY 2110 or MSE 2110

MSE 5130 - Crystallography & Diffraction

Crystallographic concepts and diffraction analyses in materials science.

  • Credits: 3.0
  • Lec-Rec-Lab: (2-0-3)
  • Semesters Offered: On Demand
  • Restrictions: Must be enrolled in one of the following Level(s): Graduate

One-on-One Training

Instruction in the operation of the XRD systems will be performed only by the facility manager Ed Laitila. No exceptions!

Experienced users can instruct each other in the use of the data analysis software if the managing director is not available, but it is recommended to still consult with the facility manager in advance.

Informal Training

Notes are available from X-ray Diffraction Users Group sessions.

  1. Design and Set-Up of XRD Experiments
  2. Detailed Analysis of the XRD Scan Set-Up Procedure for the Scintag Θ/Θ Diffractometer
  3. Computer Algorithms Used for XRD Data Smoothing, Background Correction, and Creating Peak Files
  4. Profile Fitting and Graphical Manipulation of XRD Data

The facility manager curates some external tutorials to help facility users learn XRD science.