About X-Ray Fluorescence

X-ray fluorescence (XRFL) wavelength spectroscopy provides elemental analysis of materials in solid, powder, or liquid form. The EX-6600 energy dispersive spectrometer is capable of analyzing all elements from fluorine thorough uranium. Detection limits can be in the parts per million range with easy identification of elements present. Standard-less analysis capability provides quick quantification of elements particularly useful for material development, externally provided samples, and combined with XRD enhances identification of phases present in a material.

XRFL Spectrometry Capabilities

  • Bulk elemental analysis capable of detecting boron to uranium.
  • Eight analyzing crystals, with a specialized crystal for carbon analysis.
  • Three fundamental modes of operation, qualitative scans to determine elements present, classical quantitative analysis for precise quantification (requires standards), and standardless quantitative analysis.
  • UniQuant quantitative analysis software available which can determine elements from fluorine to uranium in 17 minutes.
  • Requires no standards particularly useful if standards are not available e.g. material development.
    Irregularly shaped samples can be accommodated.
  • Helium flush system allows the ability to do loose powders and liquids for all methods of analysis.
  • Capable of detection and quantification in the parts per million (ppm) range.

Ancillary Equipment

  • Angstrom Press
  • Mettler High Precision Scale
  • SPEX Mill
  • Liquid Sample Cells