Lighting and Sound Lab

The Lighting and Sound Lab, located in Walker 210, is a versatile space dedicated to the exploration of sound, lighting, theater, dance, and intimate performances.


One of our five powerful sound and music composition workstations is installed in this room and connected to a mastering-quality surround system and contrasting URIE large format studio monitors. Snakes, mic cables, and a multi-channel recording interface allow small to medium recording sessions with the engineer in the room with the band, a working style famously practiced at Peter Gabriel’s Real World Studios.

Sound system control is handled by an advanced BSS DSP system with a custom touchscreen designed and implemented by students in our advanced practicum course.

Custom diffusion in the room provides a warm acoustic environment with few harsh reflections providing the perfect environment for our wide-dispersion monitoring system as well as making the room exceptionally neutral for recording. Portable gobos allow significant customization of the room’s acoustics for different projects, as well as creating modest isolation between performers to reduce leakage into adjacent microphones.

A large video display makes this room excellent for work with video of all kinds. The room is equipped with a selection of foley surfaces and the lack of carpet in this room means we can do messier vegetable- and fruit-based recording sessions in this room.

Integration with our digital audio network allows this lab to be used as a control room for McArdle theatre recordings and broadcast mixing.


This lab features a range of lighting instruments that allow students to explore theatrical as well as studio lighting technologies. A full grid and dimming system supports complex multi-cue systems. Additional lighting instruments, including moving lights, are brought in for special projects.


This room supports rehearsals for our theatrical productions as well as occasionally being a performance venue. The sprung floor, dance mirrors and natural light make it a wonderful and professional space to work in and seating is available to host intimate coffeehouse-style performances or late-night fringe theatre.


Mac Pro Workstation

  • Logic Pro X
  • Pro Tools
  • Ableton Live
  • MaxMSP
  • iZotope RX
  • iZotope Ozone
  • AudioEase Altiverb
  • AudioEase Speakerphone
  • Melodyne
  • Waves Gold
  • Vienna Symphonic Library
  • East West Complete Composers Collection
  • FuzzMeasure
  • AutoCAD
  • VectorWorks
  • Adobe Creative Cloud

Audio Hardware

  • Ribbon and Low distortion ScanSpeak, SEAS, and Cabasse drivers in a 7.1 surround system.
  • UREI _____
  • BSS London system processing
  • ______ Audio Interface
  • Parasound and Crown amplifiers - # of channels
  • MOTU Midi Timepiece USB MIDI and SMTPE interface
  • Tascam MH-8 eight channel headphone amplifier
  • Studer A80 - 24 Track 2” Reel-to-Reel Recorder
  • Bluray, MiniDisc, MiniDV, DVD, SACD, VHS, Cassette, and DAT playback decks.
  • ____ Vynal Player
  • SE 2200IIc microphone
  • Shure SM7 microphone

Special Features

  • Collection of sound effects generating materials
  • Excellent acoustics for always set-up vocal recording system and critical listening
  • Project space for prepping special projects