Title IX

After an Incident of Sexual Assault / Violence

If you are the victim of gender-based violence, rape, acquaintance rape, sexual assault, sexual harassment, stalking, dating violence, or domestic violence, some or all of these safety suggestions may guide you after an incident has occurred.

  • Go to a safe place and speak with someone you trust. Tell this person what happened. If there is any immediate danger, call 911.
  • Consider securing immediate professional support (e.g., counseling, victim advocacy) to assist you in the crisis:
    • Students may go to Counseling Services (906-487-2538) located on the 3rd floor of the Administration Building during regular business hours. After regular business hours or on weekends, a Michigan Tech Counselor is available by calling 906-487-2216.  
    • All members of the campus community may go to Dial Help (906-482-4357 or 906-356-3337) located at 609 Shelden Ave., Houghton. Dial Help is available 24/7.
    • All members of the campus community may contact the Barbara Kettle Gundlach Shelter by calling 906-337-5623 or 888-337-5623.
    • Eligible staff and faculty may utilize their Employee Assistance Program benefit.
  • For your safety and well-being, immediate medical attention is encouraged. Further, being examined as soon as possible, ideally within 120 hours, is important in the case of rape or sexual assault. Local health care can be provided by:
    • LifePoint Health (UP Health System - Portage), located in Hancock, MI at 500 Campus Drive (906-483-1000).
    • LifePoint Health (UP Health System - University Center), located in Houghton, MI at 600 MacInnes Drive (906-483-1860).
    • Aspirus Clinic, located in Houghton, MI at 1000 Cedar St. (906-487-1710)
    • 24/7 assistance is available at the UP Health System - Portage Emergency Room in Hancock at 500 Campus Drive.
  • Even after the immediate crisis has passed, and if you have not done so, consider seeking support from Counseling Services, and/or Dial Help.
  • Contact the Title IX Coordinator or Public Safety and Police Services to report the incident and/or to seek assistance with concerns, such as no-contact orders or other protective measures. They will also assist in any needed advocacy for students and employees who wish to obtain protective or restraining orders from local authorities.
  • Michigan Tech is able to offer reasonable academic supports, changes to living/work arrangements, transportation resources or modifications, escorts, no contact orders, counseling services access, and other supports and resources as needed by a victim. Michigan Tech is able to offer information about legal assistance, visa/immigration assistance, and student financial aid considerations for victims.