School of Technology

Senior Design

Student working at a machine in the lab.

All Mechanical Engineering Technology students complete a Senior Design Project which brings together all of the knowledge and skills they have learned. Many projects are funded by industry partners and students are often charged with developing a working prototype. Senior Design lasts for two semesters and culminates with a final paper and presentation.

Check out the sampling of recent Senior Design Projects completed by MET students.

  • Mobile Wellness Systems (International Business Ventures Student Enterprise)
    • The main focus of this project was to provide mobile diagnostic tools to local doctors in Ghana. Most villages in Ghana have extremely limited access to medical facilities in cities because of a lack of adequate infrastructure. The clinics that do exist in these small villages have limited treatment abilities.  Many ailments contracted by Ghanaians could be diagnosed, or even treated, but village doctors cannot provide adequate care. The mobile clinic will bring basic health care services to remote Ghanaian villages.
  • R/V Agassiz Forward Cabin Design (Great Lakes Research Center)
    • The forward cabin of the Michigan Tech Research Vessel Agassiz was redesigned to provide more usable storage and work space to address the increasing demands on the vessel due to growth in aquatics research programs at Michigan Tech.
  • Die Casting Machine Installation (Material Sciences Department, Michigan Tech)
    • A production-capable die-casting machine, formerly used in the Michigan Tech Foundry, was refurbished and returned to productive use. This project consisted of coordinating installation of the machine and necessary utilities in conjunction with Michigan Tech Facilities Management, troubleshooting, and returning it to operational condition. Full operational safety and maintenance documentation was also developed. The foundry is now able to die cast zinc and lead parts up to thirty-eight ounces and gives students the opportunity to work  on projects related to die design and machining.
  • Four Season Fun (Student-initiated Project)
    • The goal was to design and manufacture a lightweight, easy-to-install, low-cost solution to convert a dirt bike into one  that can be used in the snow. The finished product uses a track-and-ski system to operate over the snow.
  • CNC Router Table (Calumet High School)
    • Students designed and fabricated a tabletop, CNC router system. The router system is used as laboratory equipment in a local high school. The design was based on research of current do-it-yourself tables, availability of materials, and budget constraints set by the high school staff.
  • Car Turntable (Laurium Manor Inn)
    • A turn-of-the-nineteenth century manual car turntable was restored and returned to working order. This turntable is located in the stable house of the Laurium Manor, in Laurium, Michigan. The device allows the vehicle to be driven into the building and onto the turntable in the usual forward direction, and then turn the vehicle in a complete circle using no mechanical or electrical aid.