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Luke Tofte

Luke Tofte

Who would have known that one class would change my life? I enrolled in a robotics course with Dr. Sergeyev and ended up changing my major. I was an Electrical Engineering major until a friend told me to try the robotics course. The class was only two weeks, but Dr. Sergeyev had interesting lectures and hands-on labs involving the programming of a robotic arm. In the end, I changed my major to Electrical Engineering Technology in the School of Technology.

In the EET program, I found that almost all of the courses have a lab component, each taught by the same professor and during the same semester as the course. The professors all encouraged me to solve things on my own by making notes available and keeping learning interesting by bringing everyday concepts into the classroom. Dr. Oliverira often brought learning down to another level to not only show us, but teach us how the things we use in labs are used in the real world. Thanks to the professors and many labs, I was able to relate what I was learning to real industry challenges and come up with solutions. They helped me begin my career in programming robotic arms and automation systems and I found a place where I fit in on the Michigan Tech campus.

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