School of Technology

Electrical Engineering Technology

You love to tinker with electronic gadgets, or maybe you’re just fascinated by how things work, from robots to TVs to toasters. Electrical engineering technology could be your dream major. EET majors master the fundamentals of electronics and electrical power. By the time you graduate, you will have the design, . . .

Insider View

Luke Tofte

Who would have known that one class would change my life? I enrolled in a robotics course with Dr. Sergeyev and ended up changing my major. I was an Electrical Engineering major until a friend told me to try the robotics course. The class was only two weeks, but Dr. Sergeyev had interesting lectures and hands-on labs involving the programming of a robotic arm. In the end, I changed my major to Electrical Engineering Technology in the School of Technology.

In the EET program, I found that almost all of the courses have a lab component, each taught by the same professor and during the same semester as the course. The professors all encouraged me to solve things on my own . . .

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