School of Technology

Construction Management—BS

Students setting up equipment in the shop.

Take Charge with Construction Management

A degree in construction management prepares you to take charge of building projects, from industrial buildings and roads to homes and hospitals.

It’s a demanding profession that sometimes requires long hours, but the rewards can be great. The average starting salary our recent graduates reported was over $60,000.

You will learn the basics of surveying, utility systems, construction, and materials. The construction management program focuses on building and commercial construction with a lesser emphasis on heavy civil (for example, highways and dams), industrial, and residential construction.

You will also master the business and communications skills that are critical to completing projects on time and under budget. And you will learn sustainable building practices to meet your clients’ needs and help conserve scarce resources.

Employers in this field place a high value on experience, so we encourage you to work in the construction trades as part of an internship, co-op, or summer job.