School of Technology

Computer Network and System Administration

A Computer Network and System Administration (CNSA) degree will prepare you to work in some of today's most challenging and exciting career choices: computer network design, administration, and security. Our graduates are in high demand and receive excellent starting salaries for their ability to design, secure and manage computer networks in all sectors of the economy, including healthcare, retail, insurance, manufacturing, government, and research.


Insider View

Matthew Wilson

When I came to Michigan Tech as a first-year, I was undecided about my major. I started out in the School of Business, but when I was done with classes, I would spend most of my free-time fooling around on my computer. I soon realized that computers were my passion, so I changed to Computer Network and System Administration in the School of Technology.

One of the best parts about the CNSA program is the variety of courses ranging from programming to cyber ethics to system administration and network engineering . . .

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