Why Choose Us?

Technologists fill a critical need in business and industry for supervisors and managers who possess a combination of technical and managerial backgrounds. The ability of Technology graduates to contribute on the job from day one increases their value while providing them professionally rewarding opportunities with significant potential for advancement in the high-skill, high-wage, and high-demand "gold collar" careers.

Learn more about our five undergraduate programs below.

Computer Network & System Administration—BS

Computer network and system administration, or CNSA, is one of Michigan Tech’s fastest-growing degree programs. Our graduates are in high demand for their skills in building and managing computer networks.

As a CNSA major, you will learn to build and troubleshoot computer networks and manage massive databases effectively and securely.

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Construction Management—BS

A degree in construction management prepares you to take charge of building projects, from industrial buildings and roads to homes and hospitals.

It’s a demanding profession that sometimes requires long hours, but the rewards can be great. The average starting salary our recent graduates reported was over $60,000.

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Electrical Engineering Technology—BS

You love to tinker with electronic gadgets, or maybe you’re just fascinated by how things work, from robots to TVs to toasters. Electrical engineering technology could be your dream major.

EET majors master the fundamentals of electronics and electrical power. By the time you graduate, you will have the design, drafting, and technical skills to put engineering ideas into action.

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Mechanical Engineering Technology—BS

Mechanical Engineering Technology is a great fit for students who want to take a hands-on approach to mechanical engineering.

Mechanical engineering technologists often bridge the theoretical world of the engineer and the practical approach of the skilled workforce. MET graduates are problem solvers, and they can adapt product designs, saving their companies time and money.

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Surveying Engineering—BS

If you like math, computing, and the outdoors, you may have what it takes to be a surveying engineer.

Surveying engineers measure the physical features of the Earth with great precision. They verify and establish land boundaries and are key players in the design and layout of infrastructure, including roads, bridges, and cell phone towers.

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