School of Technology

Message from the Dean

Adrienne R. Minerick, Dean, School of Technology

Welcome to Michigan Tech’s School of Technology!  
It is a pleasure to share with you the diverse ways our programs and people within those programs create opportunities for your education and career as well as engineering solutions for society/technology/sustainable advancements.  We give Michigan Tech its middle name and as that name suggests, we provide disciplinary training in engineering technology with multiple opportunities for hybrid learning – a must for success in industry today. 

The breadth of disciplines in the school enables hands-on student learning via instruction as well as research and development.  We have ABET and ACCE accredited Bachelor of Science (BS) programs in Mechanical Engineering Technology, Electrical Engineering Technology, Computer Network and System Administration, Surveying Engineering, and Construction Management.  In addition, we have Master of Science (MS) programs in Medical Informatics and Integrated Geospatial Technology.  Our educational experience is unparalleled owing to our faculty members with industry-experience who provide a focused, practical education that emphasizes significant laboratory learning.

Hybrid opportunities start with coursework minors, bridge into a plethora of student-driven organizations like the Douglass Houghton Student Chapter of NSPS, Epsilon Pi Tau, the Innovation Center for Entrepreneurship (ICE), etc., and culminate in career-shaping experiences in Enterprise and Pavlis Honors curricula.   The School of Technology hosts three minors in Cybersecurity, Data Acquisition and Industrial Control and Surveying, each of which provide another skill set to differentiate our students and graduates.

An advanced degree in Medical Informatics focuses at the intersection of information science, computer science, and health care to leverage the resources, devices, and methods required to optimize and provide security during the acquisition, storage, retrieval, and smart use of information in health and biomedicine.  The Integrated Geospatial Technology MS curriculum educates students in the acquisition and processing of geospatial data by employing surveying, geodetic science, photogrammetry, cartography, and mapping so that you can become expert users of all the new technologies in satellite systems, remote sensing, precision surveying, computing, data networks, laser systems, radar, and sonar.

The hands-on learning is centered in our labs, so you can apply the engineering principles taught in the classroom.  Our state-of-the-art facilities like the NUCOR Industrial Control and Automation Lab and our Machine and Assembly Shop are made possible via ongoing relationships with the diverse industries who hire our students. 

If you are an alum or friend and it has been a few years since you have been back to Michigan Tech, we have expanded upon the hands-on, life-changing education we do so well.  If your employees want to expand their skills and capabilities, they can take advantage of our advanced MS degrees (online) or non-degree seeking micro-certificates in robotics and control systems, with more on the way.  So, send us your best and brightest and then come hire the phenomenal, versatile graduates for your growing industries!

Come join or reengage with our community of quality where we Learn. Do. Succeed.

Best Regards,
Adrienne R. Minerick