School of Technology

Machine Shop

CNC Plasma Table in use

The CNC Does 2- or 3-D

Shop machinist Josh Graham cuts out two-dimensional parts using a CNC plasma table, a tool which also has the capacity to do three-dimensional work.

Machine Shop tool crib.

A Machinist's Dream

The tool crib in the shop has everything students need to create whatever they dream up for school-related projects.

Various machines

One-Stop Machine Shop

The shop's inventory includes a Haas CNC mill, two manual mills, an arbor press, a hydraulic bearing press, and a vertical band saw, and much more.

Three lathes

One-Stop Machine Shop

Three lathes line the shop's wall.

A graduate student using a machine.

Research Machining

A graduate student prepares cast-iron specimens to be turned into tensile bars for research purposes. Shop staff are also available to fabricate parts for research.

Machine Fabrication

Machine Fabrication Services

Shop machinist Josh Graham uses the CNC lathe to fabricate a billet of aluminum for the Blizzard Baja car's clutch. The shop offers economical machine fabrication solutions for the campus community.

Blizzard Baja Enterprise

Student Workshop

Students on the Blizzard Baja Enterprise team work on their car in the student workshop to prepare for the Baja SAE competition. The Machine Shop has a dedicated working space for Senior Design and Enterprise teams.

The School of Technology maintains a Machine Shop with comprehensive facilities available to Michigan Tech students. The shop also offers machining and fabrication services for the university research community.

The shop facility is made up of several distinct areas: the main shop area containing traditional metalworking machines including CNC and manual lathes and  mills, bandsaws, drill presses, grinders, sanders, CNC plasma cutter and a welding area; an assembly area, where student groups have designated space; a prototyping and reverse-engineering room which includes a portable laser scanner and an industrial quality 3D printer; and a student computing area with six workstations and space for design briefings and team meetings. Students have the convenience of working through all phases of a project in one location: from design and computer modeling to fabrication to assembly. Additionally, shop hours are extended during the academic year to accommodate students’ schedules.

The primary focus of the shop facility is safety in all operations and strict guidelines are in place to provide a safe, clean and organized environment for working and learning.