School of Technology

About the School of Technology

The School of Technology offers five undergraduate degrees and two graduate degrees which you can learn more about by exploring the website. Class sizes are generally small with most classes having fewer than thirty students; junior and senior level classes typically have under twenty. Most faculty members in the school have industrial experience and balance their efforts between teaching and applied research. Excellent teaching is very important and a number of our faculty members have won the University Distinguished Teaching Award. Research projects are often focused on better teaching methodologies, along with a mix of applied industrial research. Undergraduate students participate in research projects and have had opportunities to write papers with the faculty and make presentations at national meetings.

Job prospects are excellent for our graduates with an almost 100% placement rate and very competitive salaries. Please visit the web pages for each program to learn more about the companies that hire our graduates and the variety of positions held.

School Mission

Our mission is to be a cohesive force linking:


Application-oriented and recognized for contributions to their employers.


Demand for a technologically advanced workforce.


Recognized for teaching, scholarship, service and business/industrial experience.