Accommodation Information

We offer many accommodations for students who provide supporting documentation of a disability. Accommodations are determined individually and are based on a student’s disability. Accommodations are meant to provide equal opportunity to individuals with disabilities. Below, you will find a description for each accommodation.

How are Instructors Notified of Accommodations?

Students who have met with Student Disability Services, provided adequate documentation, and been given appropriate accommodations are able to log into their MyMichiganTech account to request that their instructors are notified. Students may choose to notify all of their instructors, or only notify instructors of the classes in which they wish to use the accommodations.

Once instructors have received this email, it becomes their responsibility to follow the link or to log into Banweb and note the required accommodation; students are responsible for reminding instructors five days before an exam if they intend to use testing accommodations.

Questions regarding accommodations should be directed to Student Disability Services: