Michigan Tech Testing Center

Scheduling Procedures

Instructors, who would like to use the Michigan Tech Testing Center, should be familiar with the following scheduling procedures. Refer to Instructor Checklist for additional information.

Michigan Tech Accommodated Exams

  1. Students who require special accommodations for an exam, such as extra time or quiet space during their exam, follow this procedure:
  2. The student contacts the Student Disability Services Office to obtain support and complete documentation request for an accommodation. If a request is approved for an accommodation, Student Disability Services will contact the instructor.

The student contacts the course instructor(s) at least 5 days prior to each exam to request accommodation arrangements. If interested in using the Testing Center facilities for the exam, the instructor should log into Register Blast to complete the request form. RegisterBlast Log In
To create a register blast account email techtesting-l@mtu.edu 

  1. Once the Testing Center has been contacted by the instructor, the Testing Center will contact the student to make arrangements for the exam.

Students should not attempt to negotiate accommodations with the Testing Center staff directly

Michigan Tech Online Courses and Makeup Exams

226 Van Pelt and Opie Library is a ten seat space that includes a proctor and is an ideal location for accommodated exams, exams for online courses, or make-up computerized exams.

Paper-based testing is also available in Library 226 only for accommodated exams and online courses. For paper-based exams, the instructor must provide a pdf file or a copy of the exam for each student taking the exam. The Testing Center is unable to make copies of the exam.

 Instructors can schedule these exams online using  this form.

Courses Not Offered at Michigan Tech

For courses not offered at Michigan Tech, the student will need to submit payment through the Techshop page, and the Testing Center will contact both student and instructor to make arrangements.