Available Accommodations

We offer many support services—mostly in the form of classroom accommodations—to students who provide supporting documentation of a disability. Services can be provided in ways that are both confidential and discreet. The list below details some of our more commonly used services.

Faculty who are looking for detailed descriptions of classroom accommodations can find them separately through our online definitions.

Extended time for work done in class and on tests—Students may be allowed 1.5 - 2 times the normally allotted time for tests/exams; in some instances students will also be able to negotiate deadlines for other projects.

A quiet or non-distractive environment for testing—Students will be scheduled to take tests and exams in the testing center, or in a room with fewer people.

Consideration for spelling errors during class when spell-checking is not available—During in-class writing assignments, spelling errors will not be graded if the student does not have access to editing software.

A volunteer note-taker—The instructor will announce that a volunteer note taker is needed; a fellow student will share copies of their notes.

Instructor-provided course material (e.g., syllabus or test) in large print or online—Course material will be available through Canvas (the online course management program used at Michigan Tech) or provided in larger font if handed out for reading in class.

Seating near the front of the class—In crowded classrooms, the instructor will be asked to reserve a seat in the front of the class.

Test reader and/or scribe—Test questions will be pre-recorded on a digital recorder and/or the student will have someone to assist them in writing or recording their answers to test questions.

Tape recording of lectures (with instructor permission)—Student will be allowed to use a digital recorder during lectures.

Assistance in labs—Students with mobility impairment will be provided with accessible space and/or equipment.

e-textbooks (e.g., CourseSmart)—Students are able to rent their texts through CourseSmart rather than buying traditional textbooks; e-readers can then be used by the student.

Priority registration—Students will be allowed to register early in the registration period, regardless of their class standing.

We can work to provide additional resources as needs are identified. If you have any questions or needs are not listed, please contact our office by phone: (906) 487-3558 or email: sds@mtu.edu.